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Breathalyzer Store are a leading supplier of quality breathalysers to The UK, Eire and World markets. Our latest stock is now in !

Our complete range consists of budget, fun breathalyzer models right through to Police issue devices - exactly the same type of breathalysers as used by UK & World Police Forces around The World.

Buy your breathalyzer with confidence from a reliable, knowledgeable company. If you have ever been concerned over how much alcohol you have consumed and whether you may be illegal to drive, then you can now check yourself, employees or friends with a digital breathalyzer unit. Stop guessing and buy a quality breathalyser today !

We are authorised suppliers of quality breathalyzers to organisations such as the NHS, UK Ministry of Defence, British Transport Police, HM Customs & Excise. You can buy with confidence from a professional, established organisation. Please click on any of the images below for further information and to be taken to the detailed breathalyser sales page.

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Breathalyzer Store

Approved Breathalyser Suppliers To The NHS, Ministry of Defence, British Transport Police

HM Customs & Excise, HM Prison Service & Industry


Alcovisor Mk X - Superb Accuracy

Fuel Cell Sensor - Police Grade Breathalyser Accuracy

Alcovisor Mk X Breathalyser

Alcovisor BAC100 - Police Issue Breathalyser

Professional Police Breathalyzer Issue

Alcovisor BAC100 Breathalyser

Draeger 6510/6810 - Police Issue

Professional UK Police Issue Breathalyzer

Draeger 6510/6810 UK Police Issue Breathalyser

The Breathalyser Store

The Breathalyzers Store

The UK & Ireland's Professional stockists of breathalysers

Our range includes:

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